About me 🧔🏻 and my design 💡 📓 ✒️ practice

Michał Dziadkowiec, portrait

I’m a graphic designer visual communication designer. I create effective and beautiful tools of interaction with your content and your services.

How do I design?

I don’t have one specific methodology. I’m flexible. Each project requires a slightly different approach, adapted to the field, scale, budget and goals.

My starting point of every design journey is a proper definition of a unique design problem. Depending on how complex the project is, I use different tools at this stage: from direct conversations, through a more formalized brief, to workshops with the client or the cooperation with specialists in the field of creating communication strategies.

A solid definition of the design problem is an introduction to the development of the main creative idea on which the project will be built. It is also a point of reference, thanks to which the evaluation of the project will be possible.

Looking for a solution to a design problem, I like to deviate into non-obvious areas. For me it is a value in itself. Copying well-known design patterns and the exploring the safe solutions is just not my thing.

Michael Bierut wrote: at some point, solutions suddenly pop up in my mind. I can’t explain it: it’s a kind of magic. I can add to this that there is no magic but the effect of acumulating information, ideas, images, artifacts, experiences, and then mindfully experimenting with them. At least in my case. Regular stimulation of brain’s plasticity is also the key.

What do I design?

For several years I have specialized in designing visual identities, publications, and annual reports. Recently, however, I have been switching to digital design (UX / UI of web and mobile applications, magazines, and websites). I am not afraid to enter new areas of design. To quote Massimo Vignelli, I agree that if you can design one thing, you can design everything.

Who do I design for?

I work mainly for cultural and scientific institutions, such as publishing houses, foundations, associations, art curators and universities. Since the beginning of 2019, I have been involved in a start-up project creating a product for the music industry. I have also run large print projects for a technology corporation.

Inspired by “First Things First” manifesto, I measure the value of my work not only by the money it earns but also by its impact on society and the environment we live in. Therefore, I am always eager to take part in non-commercial projects for ecology, minorities’ rights, and animal rights. Write me a message if you feel that we can do something valuable together.


My competencies:


Art direction
Graphic team supervision


— books
— magazines
— reports
— webpages
— mobile apps
Visual Identity
— complex VI systems
— logo & stationery sets
— brand manuals
— promotional materials
Typeface design

Visual arts

Live videofeedback performance
Art drawing
Experimental photography


Print prepress
Product photography

Publications, lectures and others:

Lecture at 6th Kraków Dribble Meetup: You gotta fight for your right to design. My crowdfunded projects, 2022

Interview in Książka po okładce. O współczesnym polskim projektowaniu okładek książkowych, by Patryk Mogilnicki, Karakter, 2021

Nomination for Polish Graphic Design Awards 2020 in the category: report, educational book, technical book, dictionary, for the book design Antynatalizm. O niemoralności płodzenia dzieci

Mention in Dosłownie, Liternicze i typograficzne okładki polskich książek 1944-2019, Janusz Górski, Karakter, 2019


Cracow University of Economics

Management (2003-2008)
Master’s degree
Thesis: Identifying the structure of atitudes towards ambient advertising


Pedagogical University of Cracow

Graphics (2009-2012)
Bachelor’s degree
Thesis: Fractals in visual arts


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