Mikołaj Starzyński’s Antinatalism. On the immorality of begetting children is the first publishing project by the Stanisław Andreski Scientific Society founded in 2019 in Kraków among students, young academics and artists, related to the publishing industry.

In this project I was responsible mainly for the comprehensive book design (cover, layout, format and materials). I also prepared all marketing materials used in crowdfunding campaign carried out in order to collect funds for issuing the book.

The fundraising success allowed us to prepare a limited premium edition of the publication, available only to donors, which will not be available in regular distribution. We decided to use Keaykolour Sequoia paper for the cover and Keaykolour Pastel Green / Munken Print Creem papers for the insert. Additionally we opted for otabind.

As my expression of gratitude to all donors the symbol which appeared on the bookcover, was released to the public domain.

Towarzystwo Naukowe
im. Stanisława Andreskiego


Range of work:
Book design
Promotional materials


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