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Reading the book by Mikołaj Starzyński, was a real intelectual pleasure. The author — analyzing the views of four classics of the New Atheism — reached the hidden paradoxes of this movement including the beliefs of atheists. The main conclusion of his book, stating that atheism is actually a very radical humanism was my starting point. Looking for something that would subtly convey humanistic values, I decided to use a modern interpretation of Italian, caligraphic Renaissance old-style font in the project and make this typeface the hero of the cover.

Thanks to the trust Nomos Publishing House gave me, I had control over the whole book design process. I designed the format, layout and the cover. I also selected the type of paper. Finally, I also did the typesetting. This lead to a creation of sublime, minimalist product, that enhances the positive reading experience.

Nomos Publishing House


Range of work:
Book design

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