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Programme — front and back

Visual identity of the conference aims to reflect the present state of public debate using “system error” aesthetics. Vivid colours are designed to be an optimistic disguise. This may refer to the dominance of the emotional side of the media content.

Programme — inside — closeup Elements of visual identity — leaflet, programme — closeup

In 2016 Oxford Dictionaries announced post-truth as its international Word of the Year. In that time, political debate was dominated by appeals to emotion or personal belief, disconnected from the details of policy.

Elements of visual identity — closeup 3

You may say political debate has always been a masquerade, but today, social media have added an additional layer. User networks have become echo chambers allowing for the development of a parallel media ecosystem which can repeat post-truth claims without rebuttal.

Leaflet — closeup 2

The economics and design of social media platforms have made it more profitable for broadcasters to prey on our emotions than to provide us with honest information. As aresult, the media is filled with clickbaits and loves to keep us in filter bubbles.


Copernicus-Gresham’s law stands that bad money drives out good. So do the viral fake news items that travel much faster than the truth, infecting the whole media space.

 Poster — two versions Poster

The Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow


Range of work:
Art direction
Visual identity system
Book design
Book series cover design

Project manager:
Tomasz W. Grabowski

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