in the Contemporary
Catholic Church

— Academic Seminar



The objective of the seminar was to offer a critical reflection on the internal and external causes of the process of secularization and dechristianization in the Catholic Church and its social surroundings.

Participants were looking for answers to the following questions:
— How and to what extent do changes in politics and society contribute to the ongoing processes of secularization and dechristianization in the Catholic Church?
— Why is the Catholic Church losing its moral influence and authority in the public space?
— Is it an inevitable tendency? If not, how to counteract it?

The Design Process

Depending on one’s views or beliefs, secularization can be seen either as positive or negative phenomenon, but science must stay unbiased on the way to better understanding of social processes. Therefore, I decided that the visual identity of the seminar should be neutral and open for polar interpretations. These features should be communicated coherently by the color scheme, imagery and typography.

In the next step, I created three different key visuals: the boat on the stormy sea (it can sink or safely get to the shore), the sun half-hidden behind the horizon (it may be rising or going down) and the glass filled with water (it can be seen as half-full or half-empty). After a short discussion with the client, the last one was picked.

Then, I designed the visual id system consisting of 3 poster versions, a conference book with abstracts, a program leaflet and identifiers.


Posters — all versions

Posters — two versions

Poster closeup

Conference book

Leaflet closeup

All elements of visual identity: leaflet, conference book and identyfiers.

The Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow


Range of work:
Art direction
Visual identity system
Book design

Project manager:
Tomasz W. Grabowski


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